Friday, June 3, 2011

A mother literary paragraph for provincial

Youngsters communicate with their parents in various ways. The poem "A Mother", written by Samuel B. Peralta, is about two children preparing and giving a present to their mother on a special day. The relationship between the two generations is close, genuine and strong. While shopping with their mom, the twins notice the attraction she has towards a "sculpture in cork and ivory."(3) Because of the children's affection towards their mother, they promise each other that they "have to get it for her next year."(2) Instead of getting the unaffordable gift, the father helps the children “wrap up a china cat [they’d] found in a sea front store.”(17) When they gather around the mother to give her the gift, their “hearts [beat] like so many small wings.” (35) The phrase “she held it to her cheek” (43) illustrates the appreciation the mother has for her children after receiving the present. Overall, the devotion between the family members is depicted throughout the poetry. While others may have different connections with their parents, the loving relationship is revealled in its entirety in this particular family.

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