Friday, June 3, 2011

Dearest Margaret

The poem (Dearest Margaret) expresses the speaker’s idea of a perfect lifestyle. In paragraph form and with reference to the poem, discuss the qualities of this lifestyle.

Many people decide to live in cities while others prefer to grow old in deserted farms. In the poem “Dearest Margaret”, Eleanor Byers explains about a perfect lifestyle that he desires to live with. The qualities of the lifestyle that Byers depicts are simple, mild and uncomplicated. Living in an isolated farm, the couple is content to live alone. They agree to live “side by side.” (2) and they know that they will always have each other. They discuss about the possibility to raise livestock ad how they are going to be companied with the “bleating of love.” (5) Moreover, the phrase “we can travel wherever we like as long as we’re home by noon” (18) reveals that the lovers are satisfied to have a place to look after for and something to be dedicated and attentive to. Furthermore, Eleanor illustrates how delighted they are when they imagine “how well [they] will dine.” (15) Overall, this poem depicts that the couple are going to live their life with simplicity, ease and happiness. It is their ideal way to fulfill their life.

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