Thursday, March 31, 2011

TeDtAlK#2- Sirena Huang dazzles on violin

Sirena Huang dazzles on violin- Sirena Huang
About this talk:

Sirena Huang, a perfessional violinst, gives outstanding and absolutely brilliant performances. After that, she praises the design of her violin.

About Sirena:

- Born in 1994 in Taiwan, she is in grade 11 by now.

- Started her violin lessons at 4 and and made her professional solo debut at 9 with the Taiwan Symphony Orchestra.

- won top prizes in various international competitions.

- performed at TED when she was only 11 years old.
- played for the likes of French president Nicolas Sarkozy and Dalai Lama. - from Connecticut. About the presentation: This talk interested me because after listening to people talking for a long time, I wanted to hear some music. Then, I saw this cute little asian girl holding a violin on the icon, and I wondered what she's going to tell us. She started the talk by a breathtaking performance that was about ten minutes long without even looking at the music!! What's more suprising was that she was only 11 year old!! I was completely blown away by it and so were the audience. Then, she started discussing about the technology, entertainment and design of the violin. Overall, her presentation was entertaining, amusing and charming. One idea or image you will take away: Technical skills for an instrument don't matter that much as long as you're emotionally attached to the music. Even though you are really good at handling your intrument, but you don't know how to express your feelings through that, it means nothing. One single word that best describes this talk: Enchanted

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