Thursday, February 17, 2011


Imperfection. In today's society, most people are all zhui qui for perfection. Everyone wants to be perfect, including me. Everyone has their own ideal and most of the time, they will say to themseles, "oh, I want to just be like her!!" They often compare themselves with others and are glad to see others imperfections. My hair want to be perfect, my eyes have to be perfect, my nails have to be perfect. But isn't it weird how no one have wanted a perfect mind?? Who can define perfect, I mean, what is perfect?? a square is perfect, a circle is perfect and a straight line is perfect. i think everyone is perfectly imperfect. and sometimes i like their imperfect part even better than their perfect parts.

news article on bullying
Perfectly imperfect
that's what makes us real and that's what make us human

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  1. I suspect the secret of personal attraction is locked up in our unique imperfections, flaws and frailties. See the link below for more info.